10 looks that never go out of style

Pencil skirt and feminine blouse

A win-win option for  office workdays  and romantic meetings after a working day. If the classic combination of a skirt and blouse seems boring to you, pick up a “pencil” in the spirit of the latest trends. For example, opt for an asymmetric leather skirt or wraparound model.

Vest and jeans

The vest decided to wear Coco Chanel, and it happened at the beginning of the twentieth century. Since then, this item of clothing has been chosen by both Audrey Hepburn, and Bridget Bardot, and many, many more fashionistas. The best option for adapting a vest to a women’s wardrobe is its combination with jeans. Depending on what image you want to create, choose a jeans model – skinny for sexy and seductive, “ boyfriends ” for a relaxed and a bit sloppy,  mom-jeans  – for an image in the style of French chic.

Style militari

Military themes have always excited the hearts and minds of designers. Strict cut, details of military uniforms, shades used in sewing uniforms for soldiers and officers are emphasized – in clothes of a similar style, any girl will look emphasized feminine and fragile. The easiest option to use the military style in your wardrobe is to get the appropriate outerwear: a stylized pea coat, pilot jacket or khaki trench coat.

Total black

A monochrome image  in black has never failed anyone. An image in such a basic shade is always elegant and appropriate. Black color slim and stretch the silhouette. In addition, he goes to all the girls, regardless of skin color and hair. So if you don’t know what to wear, choose a black total look.

Couple suit

A two-piece suit with a classic jacket and trousers  emphasizes the femininity of  its owner. Only under the condition of a correctly selected model. The right suit is of a traditional cut, a little loose, as if you really took it off a man’s shoulder. In the afternoon, wear it with a white shirt and classic boats, without fail complementing the catchy in color, but laconic in design accessories, and in the evening wear a suit on a naked body with stilettos and clutch sandals.

Little black dress

If you have a little black dress in your wardrobe, consider that the problem of “nothing to wear” you have long and brilliantly solved. The laconic model of the dress will allow you to combine it with any type of shoe, whether it’s sneakers, men’s shoes or shoes, a bag – from a backpack to an evening clutch, and accessories – bright jewelry and precious diamonds. Just to make the dress really functional, choose a model from high-quality material.

Jean jacket 

Jeans will never go out of style. This is evidenced by the fashion collections of designers who offer to wear denim jackets from season to season. Only the details of the cut and decoration change, and the fabric that is eternal in all senses and the buttons traditional for jeans remain! This year, the right jackets should certainly be oversize in size to create 80s and 90s looks.

Biker Jacket and Mini Dress

A favorite technique for models is to wear a brutal leather jacket over a sexy short dress. So you can emphasize femininity, and not show anything superfluous. In addition, starting from the 70s, such a stylistic couple looks win-win in any situation.

White men’s shirt 

With a  snow-white men’s shirt,  you can create a lot of stylish and feminine looks! Yes there! The shirt itself is an already completed ensemble! This can be easily proved by Carrie Bradshaw, who borrowed a shirt from Mr. Big, or Vivienne, who put Edward’s shirt on a too revealing dress.

Silhouette dress and boats

A  midi-length dress that faithfully repeats the curves of your figure, plus classic beige or black boats will become ideal companions in everyday life and in evening outings. It is enough to supplement the ensemble with the necessary accessories: a capacious bag of a rigid form and a jacket in the afternoon and an intricate clutch and jewelry in the evening.

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