6 secrets of the right makeup for office and work

The Secret to Correct Makeup # 1: Always Moisturize Your Skin!

The foundation of perfect makeup is well-hydrated skin. If you spend all day in the office where the air conditioning or heating works, this is especially true. Well-known New York makeup artist and beauty blogger Tina Turnbow, whose clients include stars such as Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, considers good moisturizer an ideal base for daytime makeup for the office (must have Tina – face creams from La Mer). As Tina explains, fluorescent lights mercilessly flash all fine wrinkles and peeling on the skin due to dehydration or improper care. The easiest way to smooth them is to apply an intensive moisturizer or serum.An alternative is a moisturizing base for makeup , the main thing is that it does not contain a large number of reflective and pearlescent pigments. However, a few small reflective particles are only a plus, they visually smooth out small wrinkles and give the face a more relaxed look.

6 secrets of the right makeup for office and work

Foundation of the Radiant Lifting Foundation, Shiseido with lifting effect. Satin Lipstick Lip Cover, Burberry Beauty, Sepia Pink No. 32. The palette of shadows and blush from the collection Escape to Paradise Fall-Winter 2012/2013, Artistry, shade Gilded Chalet. Sigley Phyto-lip Gloss Lip Gloss Beige Rose

The Secret to Correct Makeup # 2: Strive for the Perfect Skin Tone

So the tonal means, if you use it, should be absolutely imperceptible. Tina Turnbow advises you to definitely examine your face in diffused daylight (for example, after going outside): foundation or powder should merge with a shade of the skin of the face and neck. In the cold lighting of fluorescent lamps pink-peach shades look best: tonal creams with yellowness in such lighting can make the face painfully yellow. If you are afraid to miss with a shade – opt for moisturizing creams with a tinting effect (tinted moisturizer) or BB creams. And do not forget about the concealer for the skin around the eyes, the main thing is to apply it after eye cream . “In this case, the concealer will not emphasize wrinkles,” explains the stellar makeup artistRobert Jones

6 secrets of the right makeup for office and work

Mineral BB-cream Glow Time Mineral BB Cream, Jane Iredale. PhotoReady Primers, Revlon makeup base with light scattering photochromatic pigments. Intensive Moisturizing Cream The Moisturizing Soft Cream, La Mer. Volume Express Mascara “Pure volume. Black Silk, Maybelline NY. Essie Professional New Nail Polish Ballet-Slippers

MAC Office Hours Fall 2012 Makeup Collection: Pro Longwear Lipglass lasting lip gloss, Pro Longwear Eyeshadow and Pro Longwear Blush in new shades

The Secret to Correct Makeup # 3: Avoid Overkill

About the ban on bright and dark shades, as well as sparkles that contradict the strict make-up code, usually everyone remembers. But on the verge of a foul, mother-of-pearl and overly “lacquered” textures may also appear. It is no coincidence that business classics are close to monochrome gamma, matte or satin shades, cream and matte lipsticks or lip glosses that are almost invisible on the lips. Fashionable lip polish is best left for a more informal setting. By the way, a recent study by Swedish scientists showed that most employers and HR managers give preference to job seekers with moderate makeup, appreciating their professional qualities higher than that of the owners of a bright or multi-color makeup. And British sociologists in addition found that representatives of recruiting agencies often see eye-catching makeup as evidence that a woman does not know how to work in a team.

The secret to proper makeup # 4: Make-up should look neat from morning to evening

Why – no need to explain. By the way, according to the study of the same British, one of the most serious mistakes of applicants is a sloppy manicure: it is considered as evidence of excessive nervousness, self-doubt, laziness and inattention to trifles. Not the best set of “business” qualities!

As for the makeup itself, it is better to choose products with persistent textures (especially eye makeup). If the shadows “swim” by the middle of the day – apply them to the base, limit yourself to eyeliner with mascara or even mascara alone. Use thermal water throughout the day (especially if you have dry skin – this will prevent its dehydration, peeling and wrinkles). Greasy shine in the T-zone can be easily and quickly removed with matting napkins, so be sure to keep them in your “working” cosmetic bag . And do not forget to follow the lip make-up: even the most persistent gloss and lipstick inevitably “eat up”.

MAC Office Hours Fall 2012 Makeup Collection

The Secret To Correct Makeup # 5: Be Careful With Cold Shades

They look very unprofitable in cold office lighting and can give your face a tired and even haggard expression. Cold pink shades are especially insidious: they are emphasized by eyes reddened from long sitting at a computer, bursting blood vessels, and inflammation inappropriately appeared. Greenish shades or eyeliner have the same effect: color contrast can even make tired eyes rabbit!

To brown-haired women and blondes, makeup artists often advise replacing black mascara, eyeliner or eyeliner with brown. According to makeup artist Gita Bass, who did makeup for Mila Kunis and Keira Knightly, brown tones look more natural under artificial lighting, and their face looks younger thanks to them.

The Secret to Correct Makeup # 6: Don’t Be Afraid of Accents

The ideal scale for business makeup is considered to be a neutral beige-brown gamma with the addition of peach, warm pink or gray. But this does not mean at all that the make-up should always be invisible: if the facial features lack clarity and brightness, with makeup in the “unpainted face” style it is easy to turn into a gray mouse, whose words and opinions do not interest anyone.

Classics of business make-up are smooth well-groomed skin and clearly defined eyebrows (they immediately give the image a “weight” and seriousness) . And make-up artists advise you not to be afraid to focus on the lips, especially when you need to listen to your words. If red lipstick suits you and you feel comfortable with it, you can easily find the right shade for the office, but not defiantly scarlet, but a calmer coral or muted red-brown. However, eye makeup in this case should be invisible.

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