7 useful seasonal tips for losing weight fast for your vacation

Tip # 1: First, save your body from excess fluids.

As you know, adipose tissue (especially where cellulite is present) delays it, and excess water easily adds us 1-2 kilograms of weight and about a centimeter in the waist and hips. Moreover, the more weight – the more there may be such fluid retention.

The easiest way is to go to the bathhouse or sauna on the eve of your vacation , ideally 2-3 times a week (during breaks between the steam room, do not forget to drink cleansing herbal teas – with raspberries, linden, chamomile, birch leaves, etc.). If less than a week is left before the vacation, even a single visit to the steam room will have an effect. And a week before the holidays, be sure to abandon the salt (including hidden – contained in almost all “finished” products, including bread sold in the store), otherwise you simply reduce the effect of pairing procedures to nothing: where is the salt – there and swelling with water pounds.

Tip # 2: drink more water and eat less food.

Trite, simple, but it works, and without it it is impossible. The first step is to minimize sweets – including vegetables and fruits, which are better to eat only in the morning. Baking, fried, canned food, marinades, semi-finished products are prohibited (in addition to the excessive amount of sugars and fats contained in them, such products are also bad because they retain fluid in the body). The main thing is to ensure that the daily calorie intake is not less than 1500-1400 kcal, and that healthy fats – vegetable oils, sea fish and seafood, avocados, nuts and seeds (not more than 30 grams of fat per day) are necessarily present in it.

Also, 2-3 days before the holidays, it is worth excluding legumes, yeast-containing products, starchy vegetables and fruits, white cabbage, milk, kefir, raw apples and raw tomatoes. They cause increased gas formation in the intestine, as a result, the stomach becomes by no means flat, especially if you put on a stretch dress or bikini. For the same reason, an apple or kefir express diet is far from the best options on the eve of a trip to the south, it will only be possible to demonstrate a figure in all its glory two days after the end of such diets. But rice, on the contrary, reduces gas formation (and at the same time also removes “excess” liquid). It is best to choose wild unshelled – it is the most useful.

Alexey Kovalkov

nutritionist, host of the programs “Food by the rules and without”, “Family size”

The recommended average rate of fat intake per day is 95 g for men engaged in active physical labor, and 70-80 g for women. But during weight loss, the body’s ability to oxidize (break down) its own fats decreases. Accordingly, limiting the consumption of fats to the minimum physiological norm (30-40 g) during this period, we additionally stimulate the oxidation of the body’s own body fat reserves.

Tip number 3: if there is a week left before departure, go through an intensive course of lymphatic drainage or modeling massage (manual or hardware).

Seven daily procedures is the minimum program, but it will be enough to make cellulite less noticeable , reduce the volume of problem areas by 1-2 centimeters and lose 1.5-2 kilograms. If you want more – choose a program consisting of massage and body wraps. They take much more time – 2.5-4 hours, but the effect of them is more noticeable.

Tip number 4: if you have 2-3 weeks in stock – this is enough to go through a full slim-program.

In summer, they are offered by most beauty centers and clinics specializing in weight normalization.

An ideal program includes a medical examination, an individually selected program of nutrition, sports training and cosmetic procedures – massages, body wraps, thermal procedures, in some cases – mesotherapy and reflexology. Of course, there will be no free time (especially if you have to combine the slim-program with work), but the result is worth it.

Tip number 5: complement the salon procedures with home care.

Of course, modeling body creams will not give the same pronounced effect as professional procedures, their task is to maintain the result and improve the metabolism in skin cells and its tone, maintain skin elasticity.

Slimming productsCream firming body Firming Body Cream, Shiseido
Slimming productsToning gel-emulsion for body shaping, smoothing the skin and giving it smoothness and elasticity Body Profile, Environ
Slimming productsIntensive serum for a seven-day Slimpassion body shaping course, Methode Jeanne Piaubert
Slimming productsNourishing body cream with firming Firming & Nourishing Velvet Cream, Darphin
Slimming productsBody scrub Bali Mango, Bath & Body Works, limited edition
Slimming productsBody contour cream for improving skin tone Body Contouring Cream, Herbalife
Slimming productsWeight Loss Adhesives, Cettua
Slimming productsLotion for skin elasticity and firmness Skin & Soft, Avon
Slimming productsBody activeanti-cellulite body gel ,Oriflame

Tip number 6: use the eastern techniques: aromatherapy, yoga , Ayurveda …

Firstly, they will help restore energy balance in the body (metabolic problems, increased appetite, cellulite and excess weight always appear when it is disturbed). Secondly, they will help you feel better, more alert and at the same time more relaxed. And this is important not only in order not to fall out of strength and not to break loose over trifles from the pre-start bustle: numerous studies by scientists prove that stresses contribute to the appearance of extra pounds and prevent you from losing them if you set yourself this goal.

Tip number 7: if there is a month in reserve, you can start the weight loss program with the cryolipolysis procedure.

The essence of the procedure is the directed cooling of subcutaneous fat and exposure to it with a vacuum, causing a gradual death of fat cells and their same gradual removal from the body. The result can be estimated after three to four weeks (excess “fat” will decrease by about a quarter, that is, it will turn out to lose weight at least by size). The only “but”: cryolipolysis is not suitable for slender girls who want to become even worse: the device can capture a fat fold of at least 2.5 cm thick.

An alternative is another advanced, super popular and effective method today – non-invasive liposuction, combining low-frequency laser exposure and vacuum massage. Its peculiarity is that it does not completely destroy fat cells, but returns them to their normal volume. The full course consists of 8 procedures per month and allows you to reduce the volume of problem areas by 2-4 centimeters, and in some cases more.

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