Creative make-up for the New Year.

Preparing your face for applying makeup

The main difference between creative makeup and the rest is the combination of various techniques when applying decorative cosmetics, the ability to draw arrows with a pencil and combine matte and pearlescent textures.

First you need to prepare your face for applying makeup – to make its tone even. With the help of a corrector, all skin imperfections are masked. The foundation is applied in order to make its color even. Next, you need to make eyebrows using brown or gray shades.

Fixation of hairs is recommended using gel. In order for the make-up to be persistent, and the shadows look much brighter, a primer is first applied to the eyelid.

Creative makeup using pearlescent eyeshadow

First, the eyelid must be dusted with white matte shadows, in order to subsequently facilitate shading of the pencil. For work, a pencil with a soft texture is suitable, which will ensure smooth application to the skin and the absence of spots when shading. Along the lower eyelash growth, an arrow is held with a sharpened pencil. It needs to be slightly extended up. The shape of the eye will be slightly longer.

Then the arrow builds up with several strokes, while the pencil lead is parallel to the skin. Then you need to begin to design a fixed eyelid with an open eye. The pencil lead is again placed parallel to the skin. Its tip should touch the crease, because the darkest accent of makeup will be made there.

With the help of short strokes, it is required to proceed to the design of the folds and the place under the bone. When the line approaches the inner corner of the eye, it needs to be made thinner and less noticeable. After that, with a flat synthetic brush, the edges are shaded and the inaccuracies are smoothed out.

The color intensity on the lower eyelid should appear at the edge of the eyelashes, and on the upper – in the crease. Then, on a pencil brush, you need to draw shades of a dark purple hue and apply to the pencil substrate, using the same movements that were done with a pencil. Using a flat brush, shades of bright pink are applied to the moving eyelid so as not to affect the inner corner of the eye.

Next, you need to apply white pearlescent shadows under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye. To do this, use a brush for highlighter. The water line is tinted with a black waterproof pencil, and on the eyelashes you need to apply the lengthening mascara in two layers. Pink or cream lipstick is ideal for lips.

How to make New Year’s evening make-up, see the plot: 

A win-win evening make-up – smoky eyes!

Create a cat eye makeup

To create such a make-up you need to prepare:

  • palette of bright shadows;
  • false eyelashes;
  • black eyeliner;
  • ink.

Before applying this makeup, it is recommended to clean the skin, so it will look much fresher. After the complexion is even, you need to start applying bright pink eyeshadow to the entire moving eyelid. Then with a thin beveled brush it is required to apply matte violet shadows. An arrow is drawn from the bend of the upper eyelid, which should be pointed to the outer corner. It is necessary to leave a little space.

Further, the space left is filled with light blue shadows. After that, you should start shading. In order not to mix colors, each shade is shaded separately. Then on the lower eyelid you need to apply purple shadows. After that, a long, thin and maximally even arrow of blue shadows is drawn. You need to start from the tip of the lower eyelid.

The arrow of liquid eyeliner is made in the style of Pin-Up. Starting from the inner corner of the eyes, you need to draw a bright and even black arrow. When the eyeliner dries, it is worth starting to stick false eyelashes. If a girl has gorgeous eyelashes by nature, then this stage is skipped.

To create makeup, you need to purchase artificial whole eyelashes or those that are glued in bunches. At the last stage, eyelashes are painted with mascara. This type of makeup may not work right away, so experts recommend that you first practice and then decide to go out with it.

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