Graduation makeup: 5 secrets to success

1. Choose persistent and waterproof products

The most important thing is that makeup should be persistent , resistant to stuffiness, heat, sweat, and just in case, also to tears, what if it comes to your mind to cry? For final makeup, give preference to products marked waterproof, water-resistant, long wear.

Long-lasting pencil shadows like Clinique’s Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes are perfect for quick makeup and won’t take up much space in your makeup bag

2. Do not experiment with new tools the day before.

This also applies to the make-up itself, and skin care products, and decorative cosmetics. Makeup is useful to rehearse in advance, at least 3-4 days in advance. In addition, no dermatologist or makeup artist can guarantee that a new, even super-expensive cream will not cause skin irritation, and a super-dull eyelash will not cause eye irritation. Star Hollywood make-up artists advise at least a week before ceremonies like the Oscars to abandon beauty experiments, and do eyebrow correction or eyelash tinting at least 3 days before the crucial event. Take note!

3. Do not use too much makeup

If there is a whole “layer cake” of foundation and powder on your face, makeup will inevitably float, and if the skin is oily, this will happen very quickly, literally in a couple of hours. In addition, graduation is likely to end in a meeting of dawn – which means that the makeup should look equally good both in the evening and in the daytime.

Instead of the eyeshadows that usually “float” the fastest, you can do fine with colored eyeliner or a resistant pencil . Moreover, in the spring-summer collections you can find eyeliners and pencils of almost any color! The most fashionable this season – all shades of blue, purple, as well as copper-bronze.

If you decide to make smoky eyes – be sure to use the base under the shadows and instead of charcoal black shades that often look too harsh and add age, use lighter ones: lilac-lilac, gray-blue, golden, you can use mother of pearl. Moreover, colored smoky eyes are now very relevant. If the skin is problem-free, it is quite possible to abandon the base for makeup and a dense tonal in favor of a lightweight BB cream.

Favorite of Hollywood make-up artists, foundation with Photoshop effect Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation

4. Play accents

But moderately. An emphasis on both eyes and lips can easily turn a young graduate into a pretended woman. Therefore, if you really want to make both burning smoky and fashionable glossy cherry lips , think carefully: “But is it necessary?” Moreover, now the trend is natural and light bronze make-up, a combination of bright (but not dark!) Eyes with natural lips, only slightly touched by a transparent gloss, or a minimal make-up eye combined with bright glossy fruit lips (superfashionable orange and strawberry pink shades of lipsticks and sparkles are perfect for graduation makeup!). Focusing on the lips, you can simply apply concealer on the eyelids, glue several false eyelashes.

Orange and fruity pink glitters, as in the Chanel summer collection, are perfect …

5. Grab the essentials with you

They will be needed to correct or update the makeup and look good in the photo throughout the graduation. At a minimum, it should be clear powder, matting wipes, lipstick or lip gloss. It is also worth putting an eyeliner, a white or creamy kayal for eyeliner eyeliner in a cosmetic bag.

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