How to quickly lose weight by 15 kg?

To lose weight without harm to health and beauty, as well as maintain the result for a long time, it is important to do this gradually. It will be possible to get rid of the extra 15 kg for at least 3 months, otherwise you can get a “bouquet” of serious sores and sagging skin to a beautiful figure.

At the same time, it is important to exclude any diets, as they can bring only short-term results. Subsequently, the kilograms lost due to a hard refusal to food must be returned again, usually in double size. Almost all diets are based on limiting, or even completely eliminating a large number of products. And for a long time, such nutrition only harms health, because the body ceases to receive the nutrients it needs.

The fastest and most effective result can be achieved if you accustom the body to a smaller amount of food, and certainly useful. In this case, the kilograms will start to leave not so fast, but for a long time, and you will not experience a strong feeling of hunger, which threatens to fail at any moment.

All about express diets, see the plot from the program “No taboo topics”:

It is important to refuse any fast food, muffin, synthetic sweets, white bread and any sweet carbonated drinks . Ideally, alcohol consumption, especially beer, should also be excluded. All these products disrupt the normal metabolism in the body, clog it with various toxins, slags and harmful compounds, interfere with their normal excretion, contribute to the deposition of subcutaneous fat and generally affect the work of many organs and overall health.

It is necessary to give preference to dishes cooked in the oven or steamed without oil . Oil can only be added to ready-made dishes. Best of all – unrefined olive. The diet should consist mostly of fish and seafood, and to a lesser extent, of meat. As the latter, it is allowed to eat veal, low-fat beef, white meat of chicken, rabbit, and turkey. It is necessary to consume a large amount of greens and fresh vegetables, a couple of times a week, be sure to add dairy products, cereals, fruits to the diet.

Another secret that will help to quickly lose 15 kg is often, but in very small portions. Ideally, the food should be five times a day, but the amount of food consumed per 1 time should not exceed the size of the palm. This will allow you not to feel hungry and at the same time not to overeat.

For breakfast, it is better to eat carbohydrate-containing dishes (cereals, granola), which will provide the body with the energy it needs.

For lunch – soups on low-fat fish or vegetable broth, greens.

As an afternoon snack, cottage cheese with sour cream, an egg, yogurt, and fruits are suitable.

And for dinner, it is better to give preference to meat or fish.

As snacks, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. are suitable.

It is also important to drink plenty of plain water and herbal tea. You can add honey to the last if you really want sweets. By the way, from time to time you can pamper yourself with a little bit of dark chocolate without additives.

To lose weight faster, it is important to lead an active lifestyle. Engage in any sport that suits you, swim , run. In addition, you need to walk a lot in quick steps to burn excess calories. Without this, achieving a quick result will be much more difficult.

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