Makeup for blue and blue eyes

Makeup for blue and blue eyesThere is nothing complicated in choosing a makeup for blue eyes: blue-eyed and blue-eyed girls have many shades, and you can experiment endlessly in both day and evening make-up.

A favorite method of makeup artists is playing with contrasts, or using complementary colors in blue eye makeup. The cold color of the iris is advantageously set off by warm golden, peach-beige, cream, bronze shades. “In order to emphasize blue eyes, it is best to choose shades of complementary shades. The ocher, copper and terracotta ones will look the most contrasting, ”advises the famous British make-up artist Jemma Kidd. For exquisite daytime makeup, blue-eyed girls Gemma advises using peach shades. “Warm shades of shadows always make blue eyes brighter,” Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes, a New York-based colleague of Jemma, make-up artist , explains with her stellar blue-eyed clientsMeredith Baraf A classic daylight make-up for blue eyes – warm neutral beige shades. They can also be used for the evening, but choose more saturated colors, pearlescent or fashionable “metal” textures.

Makeup for blue and blue eyesJennifer Aniston prefers neutral makeup. Beige and peach gamma is her favorite. And black mascara and light eyeliner with a dark pencil near the eyelash growth line immediately make her eyes more expressive.
Makeup for blue and blue eyesBright and super- fashionable solution: the bold make-up with which top model Barbara Palvin appeared at the Cannes film festival this spring immediately became the trend of the season
In everyday life, Gwyneth Paltrow usually does without makeup. And even on the red carpet, she does not often appear with a complex make-up: black mascara, neutral beige shades, a little eyeliner, a tonic and lips slightly touched by lipstick – that’s almost all.
Makeup for blue and blue eyesDark-haired and blue-eyed Megan Fox are all contrasting combinations, and minimal makeup
Makeup for blue and blue eyesThe “natural” make-up does not distract attention from the expressive blue eyes of Miranda Kerr. It is this simple makeup that the top model loves the most, although at parties she gladly appears with smokey.
Makeup for blue and blue eyesA few gray shadows made Taylor Swift’s eyes  blue-gray. But thanks to eyeliner and an emphasis on eyelashes, her look did not become less expressive!

But with eye color shadows you should be very careful: besides the fact that this is outdated, blue eyes are often “lost” against the background of blue shadows, and the look becomes less expressive. Therefore, be sure to bring your eyes down to the eyelashes with a darker color or try using closer to the eye color, but brighter and more saturated shades: turquoise, cobalt, aquamarine, indigo, blue-violet …

Dark blue eye shadow or eyeliner is a simple, effective and also very fashionable option for evening makeup, they will make blue or blue eyes deep and expressive. Purple, purple eyeshadows or arrowsgive blue eyes a greenish tint, and greenish – a mysterious amethyst. Dark blue, chocolate, dark green or purple gamma will be a good solution for smoky eyes for blue eyes: black smokey can look too deliberate, and even rude, especially if you are a tender blonde. As for the fashionable color mascara this season, blue-eyed girls are perfectly suited to all its shades, including bright blue. The main thing is not to forget about the rule of complementary colors. Try combining blue mascara with contrasting eyeliner or eye shadow, such as a mother-of-pearl copper or gold hue: your eyes will immediately become larger and brighter.

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